Zee Head Chair


The combination of bamboo and computer joinery has enabled Eugene Stoltzfus to design the kind of pure-form Zee Head Chair that was not possible in the past. These strong, robust chairs are made without blocking, plates or pins. The Zee Head Chair's flirtation with the esthetic of the impossible makes it comfortable: the chair subtly springs, moving naturally with the sitter and the lack of legs also allows the sitter unusual freedom of movement. 

This from Eugene: "From the first time I saw Gerrit Rietveld's brilliant Zig Zag chair design, I knew the time would come when the materials and technology would be available to fulfill his dream of a pure-form chair. That time has come and we are delighted with the result."

Made with sustainable moso bamboo famous for growing over a meter per day. The strength of moso combined with precision manufacturing eliminates the need for brackets, bracing, and pins. Adhesives and finishes exceed E1 standards.

100% solid bamboo. Indoor use. Available in Natural, Caramelized, Ruby, and Obsidian.

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