Apartment Therapy February 27 2013

From Planters to Posters

Dwell on Design 2011


It's a good thing I didn't bring spending money, because there were some serious temptations on display at Dwell on Design (offered at a show discount, no less). I made a beeline from afar when I spied this eye-popping yellow planter from Wallter, which I now desperately want for my newly yellow door. I also came across an amazing ceramicist and learned more about cork.

These cork stools by architect Eugene Stoltzfus were a bit hit. Not squishy cork, either, really solid. Cork, which regenerates its bark after harvest, is a promising material for home furnishings. Stoltzfus uses what's discarded after wine corks are cut, then grinds it down and combines it with resin to create an incredibly durable material.