Module-R February 27 2013

Getting Corked: Euclid Cork Furniture

Ancient geometries unite with contemporary aesthetics and an interest in sustainability to create the Euclid series of cork furniture. Formed of cubes, cylinders and half-cylinders, this elegant suite is the work of Eugene Stoltzfus, an architect who returned to the profession in 2006 after years running a well-known language software company founded by his brother.

Stoltzfus’ training as an architect informs the design principles behind Euclid. Crisp geometric shapes contrast with the naturally variegated finish of cork, a beautiful and renewable material that can be harvested without jeopardizing the health of the tree. The proportions of each unit have been carefully evaluated to impart a human scale. Pieces have also been sized to be easily moved around and used in a variety of ways, an important requirement for accommodating today’s fluid lifestyles.


Besides conveying a unique appearance, cork has the practical benefit of simultaneously resisting heat, moisture and cold to a degree unmatched by most furniture materials. Equally important, Euclid’s subtly rounded edges make it child-friendly and safe.

Each shape group incorporates three sizes: Short, Medium and Tall. Available finishes include Fine Grain Natural, Lapis, Onyx and Ruby. Pieces can be ordered separately and in sets of all three sizes in each shape group.

MODULE R is proud to be selected as the exclusive online dealer of this unique collection of contemporary furniture.